Maha Alhasawi’s Muse Lounge


AWhat do you get when you combine books, art, and coffee? You get inspired.
Welcome to Muse Lounge, an incredible creative retreat nestled in the symphony complex of Salmiya. Founder, Maha Alhasawi’s unyielding love of great literature was the driving force behind this thriving new startup that is one part bookstore,one part coffee house, and one part gallery.

But even more important to Maha,was the chance to create a space that honors the creative talents she believes exist within every individual. She invites reader, thinkers, and researchers to discover new books not found anywhere else in Kuwait. Creatives of all types can find inspiration to fuel their projects and stimulate their art.

“Modern Muse: Where Kuwaiti Creatives Go for
Inspiration, Community, and Darn Good Coffee”

From sumptuous
bakery treats and handcrafted coffees, to hundreds of books amid the plush and
decadent armchairs that invite you to sit and stay a while—a long while—from
monthly artistic events like lectures and musical concerts, to rotating gallery
pieces, Muse Lounge is truly a place to “let your thoughts flow.”

Wall Street, New York, NY, United States of America



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