Fatma Hussain


A“I’m brave. I believe in myself. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.” Powerful
statements, each and every one of them, and all from the mouth of Fatma
Hussain, founder of Atom House Health Club, and Kuwait’s first CrossFit Trainer
and Weightlifting Trainer. With a no nonsense approach to dreams, Fatma knew taking the plunge to start her own business was the right choice whether she had the credentials for it or not. Why? Because, she had grit and determination.
She had passion and motivation. It’s hard not to feel inspired to pursue your dreams after a chat with Fatma. And, that’s probably what makes her such an incredible coach! Fatma understands that “the only thing to fear is fear itself.”

“Create Your Self: Why the Most Important
Part of Business is Belief.”

She smiles at a challenge, knowing it will only make her stronger. Always looking
for ways to balance the seriousness of business with the fun of fitness, Fatma
exudes positivity and confidence. She manages Atom House like she lives her
live—there’s always room for improvement.



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