Ahmed Salih & Haytham Al-Hawaj



hether you’re a new startup or a seasoned business, nui’s sleek office
spaces overlooking the Arabian Gulf in Kuwait are a tantalizing, innovative
option for the small to mid-sized business owner. We spoke with two of nui’s founders, Ahmed Salih and Hatham Al-Hawaj to find out what makes nui such a success for startups with a growth mindset. Beyond the luxurious co-working spaces and flexible membership options, nui offers a community of driven and creative professionals that support each other without fear of competition. Welcome to the new age of doing business.
Here you’ll find secretarial services, furnished offices, fully equipped meeting rooms, secure high-speed internet and phone services, and even free events to socialize, network, and partner with other professionals.

“Building a true collaborative community
through efficient, affordable, and innovative
co-working spaces..”

It seems nui has thought of everything when it comes to facilitating
and strengthening community connections and mutual growth. As the
region’s first true collaborative community, nui is helping startups access
resources and gain traction they couldn’t on their own. We’re intrigued to
watch as more startups find success through the support of this unique
business hub.


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