Talal Al Ajmi


Aa young man, Talal Al Ajmi was advised to find a traditional job. Thankfully, he
didn’t listen. His passion was always for trade not tradition. Talal rose through the ranks of several financial companies before embarking on his own entrepreneurial journey to found VI Markets in Kuwait, a tailored online trading service. He is the current CEO of VI Markets and sits on the board for One Financial Markets creating
a dynamic partnership that couples global presence with local expertise to Kuwaiti
investors interested in trading forex and CFDs on indices, commodities, energies,bonds and futures. VI Markets is proud to offer free, sophisticated training tools to their clients, which qualify them to trade professionally and with confidence.
In this same spirit for sustainable development and quality education, Talal launched an initiative that empowers women to enter the world of financial investment and business. The Yasmeen project provides intensive trainings and an all-female support team and forum to help women across the Arab world understand global markets, invest in international trade, and turn a profit.

“Hard Work Pays Off: How One Entrepreneur
is Redefining International Trade Through
Sophisticated Trainings and a Women’s
Empowerment Initiative.”

VI Markets is truly redefining international trade by restructuring an often confusing and inaccessible field with simplified methodologies and sophisticated trainings. For Talal, trade is about possibilities. And possibilities are intoxicating. But he’s quick to remind us: success doesn’t come knocking down your door. It meets you on the road. Your job is to show up and work hard, day in and day out.

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