Omar Christidis


When people hear “ArabNet” they know you’re talking about the leading digital business company that’s growing web and mobile sectors across the Arab world. If you’re a startup or a seasoned business, you’ve probably referenced the ArabNet website for expert advice and analysis, or attended one of their conferences to hear a globally-renowned expert or to connect with funding and incubation. But do you know about ArabNet’s founder and CEO, Omar Christidis? This compelling interview lets you pull up a chair alongside Omar to learn how ArabNet got its start and why you need to consider adopting digital as soon as possible in your own startup.

“Filling in the Gaps: How ArabNet
Meets the Needs of Today’s
Fast-Paced Digital Landscape”

With great clarity, insight, and the kind of knowledge that only comes from years of experience and a passion for helping others develop their talents, Omar is precise about the challenges that face businesses today and strategic about how to address them, in order to bring focus, efficiency, and growth to your business no matter the industry.


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