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WMost of the startups have a confusion when it comes to increasing their sales, number one aspect to do so is to take an action as soon as possible and they treat it as an emergency situation, results will be poor. The best solution in this case is to establish a complete sales management aspects from sales strategies, process, structure, tools, and well trained salespeople. Having said that, sales management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales
techniques and the management of the sales operations.

It is an important business function as net sales through the sale of products and services and resulting profit drive most commercial business. Entrepreneurs must know that increasing their sales is an accumulative process of several practices, not a single action. Because sales in general has two main pillars: Sales strategies and selling skills, startups should always combine these two main things to reach sales efficiency which is part of the sales management building criteria.

Most of the sales challenges that startups face in sales is that they lack a solid and defined sales process from prospecting to closing, the thing that will lead to weakness in the daily sales operations monitoring. When it comes to the presenting stage, entrepreneurs will face
another issue which is defining and presenting the benefits of the product/service they’re selling. This will lead to a huge sales objections from the potential customers. While selling,
speaking about the real value and benefits that buyers will gain is the biggest trigger to motivate buying decisions, and this is the modern schools of sales as they focus on the buyer behavior before deciding any sales approach, unlike the old schools of sales where they only focus on the selling methods without understanding the buyers.

Startups in Kuwait has beautiful and extraordinary ideas to to sell, but again, they act as traditional salespeople. Customers will be always qualified by the solid and tough  conversations that reveal their current needs to buy, and these sales conversations should contain 3 main aspects: defined script, sales questioning techniques, and the ability to understand the buying signals thrown by the potential customers. The SPIN selling method is a great example, the latter is when the potential buyer asks about the current situations, problems, implications, and other questions that help both parties build a good rapport. Moreover, sales tools are highly recommended to align the sales objectives to the daily selling activities to observe the progress of reaching the target.

““Aligning effective sales process and sales  pipeline is essential to improve the sales management performance and efficiency”

“Sales is almost synonymous to sport, the more
you practise the more you achieve”

“Businesses with defined sales plans will sell more and generate more leads to fuel their ales

“Always analyze your sales activities to achieve efficient sales results”

“Beside your sales strategy, keep investing in your salespeople and develop their skills and capabilities to thrive in your selling”

“Your selling strategy should be always tested in the market, not in the office, nor the conference”

Improving sales is not easy, challenging, but attainable by several solutions. In order to streamline the process, startups and SMEs should draft their sales objectives along with the sales activities up to the proven sales strategies. “Sales activities are the actions that result in selling, such as meeting, calling and sales campaigns”. Some sales best practices and solutions that startups and SME’s need to thrive their sales notably can be consist in the following:
Sales process,as long as startups define their selling process, it will become visual to them so they can track the sales more effectively and they identify the reasons for not meeting
the sales target. Sales Process is the phases that the selling should go through. Entrepreneurs should invest heavily in the prospecting phase, which means knowing the targeted audience and the sales approach or method that will be used to interact with potential clients.

This will be followed by meeting the clients, presenting, then closing. Although each business should have different sales processes, some industries would have similar ones but each tailored based on the nature of the products and services. The sale process for big corporations will mostly have more phases due to hierarchy.

Sales planning, each sales plan will show the entrepreneur much about how to start the sales activities and when plus it will define the targeted market and audience. Moreover,
the sales strategies,selling should be done in certain methods, that need to be practical and tested in the market not in the meeting room. Implementing the strategy is also considered
a testing phase, to get feedback on the service offered and measure its efficiency in terms of revenues. If this doesn’t happen as a practice, time and effort will be wasted. Sales
strategies should be flexible and changeable depending on what works best in the market.
Understanding buyer’s behavior, for both selling products and services, the business should focus on how people buy and make their purchasing their decision. Most of the businesses
hire salespeople based on their resumes and qualifications, where they should [also] hire based on the street smart calibre as those types of salespeople are more aggressive and know how to handle the customer’s objections.




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