Dealing with Metal Blocks of Starting a New Business


You want to start your own business: great! Entrepreneurship can be exciting, liberating and rewarding for the brave souls who pursue it.
You have that dream of creating your own business? For the brave souls who pursue entrepreneurship it can be exciting, liberating and rewarding. On the other side, it also can be stressful and scary as well. There are many mental obstacles and blocks that might hold you back.
Knowing them, exploring their influence on our decisions and actions, as well as, having strategies to overcome them, will take our dreams and business to the next level.

“It Has to Be Perfect”
Dreaming of the perfect business can be paralyzing, by thinking that my first step should be outstanding or else all is lost. When you believe you are working toward an achievable
milestone you are more likely to succeed than having scary thought, which will hold you back from progressing to avoid a negative outcome.
Internal intentions are so important to succeed in reaching our dreams, so make it always as way to seek happiness more than avoiding pain.
Instead of viewing a business plan as a mean to prove people wrong when it comes to their expectations from you, for example, think of it as an opportunity to make a change in the world or network with inspiring people. This shifts the focus from struggling with painful emotions to inspiring gain from starting a business.
Remember that every setback or mistake can serve as a learning opportunity, which contributes toward the ultimate goal of building a successful business.
Ask yourself, what I will gain from staying where I ‘am today?

“By Areej Khataybih, Ph.D”

How I will feel if six months or a year  passed and nothing has changed? What is the harm in attempting something that
might make it even better?

“I Don’t Deserve to Succeed”
Leaving our comfort zone is hard, so we tend to protect ourselves by doubting our abilities. Who Am I to think I could start a business? There are too many people who are already
doing this work, and they are probably all better at it than me. This voice is a normal consequence of going after something new — but it only has the final word if you let it. What will help you to counteract negative thoughts is having the backing of supportive friends, family members, or work mentors. If you don`t have good friends. Find some via online forums or local community groups. Recognize that you matter; no one else can offer what you do.
Believing this will allow you to create a business that projects confidence, offers unique value, and appeals to customers in an authentic way. Focus on what you are master at, build your business idea around your strength points and collaborate with others who
are also great at what they do. Instead of pushing yourself hard to be everyone.

“I Don’t Know Where to Start”
There are many things to consider when starting a business (You need a name for your business, a website, investors, business card, etc…) and it is normal to feel overwhelmed by not knowing from where to start. In the beginning, set unfamiliar tasks aside and start with what you know. This will build confidence for tackling more intimidating tasks down the road. Beat overwhelm by delineating specific objectives (such as creating a killer “about” page) and breaking them down into a step-by-step plan. Try writing S.M.A.R.T. goals: ones that are specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound. Specifying actionable steps will help any project feel more manageable.
It is normal to encounter any or all of the mental challenges outlined above (or some). What will help you is to focus on staying centered, reducing stress, and implementing strategies to move from fear to successful business development.


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