Why Business incubators?


Creativity needs space , entrepreneurs are artists at heart , and as artists they need the ideal space to create. Incubators are one of the Best communities for creativity & connections over all else . It becomes a part of participants daily activities , so whether you are starting a business or growing one , joining an incubator is
a good decision to make .

Entrepreneurs will come up with great ideas and make connections in a community . Both these things improve the chances of success as they will be introduced to peers , potential mentors, and possible investors .

“Eman Alabdulghani
Founder &CEO startups magazine

Many new business owners also turn to incubators as an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of forming and growing a startup or even to cover the lacking knowledge and experience they need.
So many entrepreneurs still spend days surrounded by noise , incubators force them to spend time reflecting which means making an effort to find quite time each day that will helps them to think & act creatively.

In fact , a 2010 study by national business incubation Association (NBIA) , found the survival rate for incubated companies after five years is 87 percent , compared with 44 percent for companies that didn’t lunch from incubators.
Incubators provide an environment where opportunities exist for beneficial exchanges of
ideas & concepts.



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