Doing “Well” Is Not Enough: It’s Time to Start Dreaming Again

The other day I had a conversation with a friend who felt that he had “done everything he wanted in life” and had “checked all the boxes on his bucket list”. He spent his free time aimlessly and felt as though he couldn’t complain because he had everything he had always wanted, and he was “doing well where he was at”.
I had to ask him if he felt as though he was settling. In his late 30s, could he have really accomplished everything he had ever wanted?“Well, no… But I don’t know where to go from here.”
Doing “Well” Is Not Enough:
It’s Time to Start Dreaming Again
What my friend was suffering from were not only mental blocks but a complete
lack of that spark that used to inspire him to dream of bigger and better
And he’s not alone. Many of my clients that I coach face the same problems and get stuck where they’re at. The problem is that they have forgotten how to dream of new possibilities because they get so stuck in their day to day lives that they do not give themselves the chance to explore what could be.

So how do you overcome this feeling of being “stuck” and start to dream again?
Start with a simple exercise.
Take a core thought you have today—something that pops into your mind when you least expect it that would normally dismiss because it isn’t aligned with what you need to accomplish.
It could be as simple as something you would like to do when you have time, a vacation you would like to take, a project that sounds interesting, or something you never have had time to do.
Write the thought down if you don’t have time to explore it in the present moment.
Later, when you are done with everything you had to do for the day, give yourself time to play with the idea and give yourself PERMISSION to
dream. It can be ten minutes or an hour, however long you want to give it.
Build up that thought and think about the possibilities of that idea, as if nothing was holding you back from chasing it.
Try to imagine what your life would look like if you followed that dream.

Your inner voice knows what you need, and leaders are naturally good at taking a small idea and turning it into something amazing that impacts
the lives of everyone around them. When you cut yourself off from dreaming, you’re limiting your own potential and allowing yourself to be stuck where you are.
This is one of the core ideas of the Spark Back method. It’s about overcoming those mental blocks you’ve put up and learning to give yourself
permission to dream again.
To do this, you have to retrain your brain and allow yourself to play with possibilities for the future. By drawing on your inner voice and recognizing
that “doing well” where you’re at isn’t enough, you allow yourself to move towards a deeper transformation.
If you or anyone you know feels stuck where they’re at, feel free to message me at to find out more about the Spark Back method.
I’d love to hear from you about your own experiences with allowing yourself to dream big again, so if you have reconnected to your dreams and
reignited a passion for your own potential, leave a comment below to share your story!

By: Dr. Areej Khataybih

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