Human & Robot.

Human Robot

Cooperation or Replacement!
Dr. Humam Al Qussi

PhD Doctor of Commercial Private Law (Exchange Law & Regulation)

In the 1940s have already come to an early wake up, and robots met us in our work and home now just as they did in the characters of the storyboards, so is this a good fate or a phenomenon of decay to the business?
There is no doubt that robots have contributed to tasks of almost impossible to humans with an ideal performance and without fluctuations, but the full economic dependence on robots may lead in future to expulsion of the human staff; because if the business owner gets a robot customers services; he will not pay any wages, or receive any complains, then there are no labor rights demanders.
As a result, this robot will continue to work without boredom until the end of its battery charge!
But what would happen if someone asked this customer services robot a question that needs to be answered discretionary? or during dealing with the tax officials? what would happen if this robot was not able to deal with
tax officials? how would the business owner face the authorities? and would he be charged with tax evasion because of this helpless robot?!.
Indeed, the ideal robots’ performance for the current generation of robots is limited to the predefined routine imitation of human demeanor via programming; since “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) mechanisms perform the programming stage called: “Machine Learning”.
So the robot is taught a set of behaviors, manner, ideal reactions, besides the internet connection that gives accurate answers and standard behaviors, but all of these artificial reactions are subjected to the programmer expectation about the facts robot may face. But what if learned robot ran into a new manner that this machine never learned to face?, robot will definitely stop working in this case, and the user will be in real trouble like Laptop user when disgusting the logo: “Loading” that appears indefinitely!, so the complete replacement of man with machine
still at an early date. However, robotics engineers are seeking to produce a very sophisticated generation, this will be a quantum leap in the AI technology; the generation of advanced: “Adaptive Robots”,
that, once operated, will move away from its operator.

Then adaptive robots will go into the real-life without complying with the programming limits that they have learned through using of High- Tech mechanisms that allow adaptive robots to test reality and learn from its experience without the need for a programmer. Based on this scientific future, Adaptive Robots are going to lead to the electronic formation of independent personal life, thus, these “Super-Intelligent Machines” are going to be able to deal with the improvisational developments and surpass them even better than humans.
The departure of these adaptive robots from their boxes means that an “Electronic Person” will exit from his office, and even we may reach the stage of the robot able to take the emotional place of humans!, that is, the robot will not only come out of the box but will jump out of “his egg”!, and then “he will” emerge as an electronic person not as a product or
Thus, the new industrial revolution (4IR) is going to use these generations of robots, and the factories will not require human employees at all; so the nature of the business has changed.
These High-Tech factories will achieve the ideal quality at the lowest cost and without any real human intervention in the production lines, but the bill for this scenario would be: “Ethical”; millions of workers would lose their jobs.
When I read any ads that says that the 4th the industrial revolution is going to create millions of alternative jobs remotely, I fully understand how these ads are not accurate at all.
The jobs that will remain for humans after the end of this traditional industrial age will be only confined to the manufacture, programming and maintenance of robots until that robots can produce the following generations by itself, which means a real decline in the role
of humans. After the 4th industrial revolution, the world economy is going to be fully capitalized without the entry of labor, wages, workers’ health insurance or contract rights, until that adaptive robots have “Electronic Legal Personality” that allows robots to enjoy rights and assume obligations.
It means that this way of electronic philosophy thinking is going to change the human mentality from the roots.
What the engineers of the adaptive robots’ mechanism did not consider was the possibility of robots’ tyranny and form of a rival, or even antithetical, society! not just the retention of jobs. So the challenge in our time that the human race identity is facing a real future danger, which means that adaptive robots are only a stage before the civilized coordination of human in the coming ages, this situation should intensify international efforts to stand before it legally and economically, this what I am going to explain in my next article, God willing.

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