An industrial and handicraft incubator was established in the Gulf of Kuwait in cooperation with the finest industrial and professional universities in the West. The handicraft incubator with robotics technology is waiting for Kuwaitis at the end of the year. The government has created huge opportunities for young people through small and medium enterprises. I found a great deal of interest from young people for training and education in the professions of our parents and grandparents, such as carpentry, welding, electricity and various industrial occupations, we had an INTERVIEW around this topic with Ali Al-Mubarak, the founder of the first handicraft incubator in Kuwait.

Who is Ali Mubarak? And how did he turn to the business world?
Since the year 1999 after I finished my studies in the United States of America, one of the most famous sites in selling cars and various industries and services was established. It was called the Kuwait Zone. I wish the site would continue to grow but I went to work in navigation because there were no opportunities to support young people, like nowadays. started working in a number of areas. I worked in a small number of businesses, including 11 years in the oil sector, and contributed to the establishment of an educational institution. I believe that the opportunities of young people today are better than before. The country has been moving forward for years to support young people and push them to self-employment through the establishment of a small and medium-sized enterprise fund and
a lot of programs to help entrepreneurship education.

There has been a lot of focus recently around the handicraft
incubator, what is that?

The aim of the project is to change the mentality of the Kuwaiti youth and to guide them in their careers in the field of business, in addition to the education system, which is in line with the latest technologies and changes
in the prevailing social outlook of the industrial work.

What is the purpose of the project?
The project aims to raise the level of professionalism of Kuwaiti youth to
international standards, support and stimulate the Kuwaiti industry by contributing to the creation of industrial and professional employment opportunities, productivity and participation in state development projects,
thus achieving economic sustainability.
The National Incubator project provides a framework for the promotion of creative ideas for growth and assisting small and medium-sized enterprises to succeed and to develop the business sector through the latest methodologies through the transfer of knowledge programs and improve the status of Kuwait within the global industrial work map and find alternatives to total dependence on oil and prepare a generation of free professionals to lead the industrial action.

What lead you to the idea of the project?
The idea of the project began from the point where it ended for our ancestors until the emergence of oil. The state has since focused on certification and did not pay much attention to an important group, the craftsmen. This project provides a comprehensive and integrated way to practice crafts in Kuwait, especially since there is currently no entity of this tribe.

What does the project offer to Kuwaiti youth?
The project provides a new methodology whereby the incubator encourages and changes the perception of the Kuwaiti society and youth towards various trades and qualifies them to practice specialized crafts such as carpentry, metalworking, electrical works, and other important crafts. The project embraces Kuwaiti youth, creating a culture of craftsmanship that is virtually non-existent in society and the Kuwaiti youth community. Kuwait’s employment opportunities by providing the right professional career path, and focusing on projects and opportunities for Kuwaiti youth in the artisanal field through the development plan. The new strategy is to provide the cadres and social benefits, and to encourage young people to become professional craftsmen, and to change the culture of art and craftsmanship by shedding light on the value of artisanal work
internationally. On the basis of the project strategy:
The project’s motivation strategy is to raise the value of Kuwaiti youth’s craftsmanship in industry and development in the local market, and to practice craftsmanship through the use of the latest technologies, including robots and the development of project management skills, as well as penetrate the unprofitable commercial market, gain a lucrative market share and become the first Gulf private industrial operator.

What do you target in a business incubator?
The involvement of both genders. This is long overdue and is achieved through this incubator, which also embraces young people to become pioneers and managers of factories and handicrafts, as there are sections for people with special needs, and programs to empower women in the industrial sector. The role of professional women should be emphasized in the same way as in developed countries. Kuwaiti women have demonstrated their superiority in many fields and can compete with men in several areas. There are wonderful examples of businesswomen who have a great footprint in society, which proves women’s effectiveness in the business market. Our incubator will provide all the modern technological advances for women as well as men to become small and medium business owners and help them reach the top.

Who do you target to be a part of your incubator community?
Young people who are qualified for the freemarketing the industrial sector and are able to manage craft projects.

What are the difficulties and challenges faced when establishing the incubator?
On the contrary, we found it all to be welcoming. The program of the project was received from the officials in the country with great openness as if there was a goal and the time has come to achieve a change. It will change
technology, the culture of society, and experiencing other cultures through traveling and establishing citizens in various countries. Accessibility and knowledge of other cultures in the promotion of a culture of artisanal and
industrial work and its importance in building the state.

How do you see the contribution of the government sector to the
success of the incubator?

The Ministries have an important and fundamental role in supporting the Kuwaiti youth graduates of the national incubator. The main consideration of these ministries is to be committed to use Kuwaiti craftsmen to ensure
they will get practical experience and skills.

The role of professional women should be emphasized in the same
way as in developed countries

What qualifications can these companies look for in a citizen in this work?
There will be a Kuwait Standard program in the incubator, which is a certificate that is given to graduates that have passed all stages of education in the program.

If this is the role of the ministries, what do we expect from the national incubator?
The National Incubator believes in the pioneering role of Kuwaiti youth in
development. We are working to develop and strengthen the capabilities of young people who have the desire to start A small business development through an integrated program of lectures, workshops, advisory and various seminars and events taking into account the circumstances surrounding the economic situation and the private sector. In Kuwait,
The overall objective is to invest in small and medium-sized enterprises, by training the entrepreneurs and building their skills and abilities To be prepared for the market.

Why do you emphasize on the important role of the handicrafts?
It is unacceptable that a country with a population of 4.5 million represents 1.5 million citizens. We have 33% of the 4.5 million working people, only 3% of them are citizens! Here we should aim to change the culture of society and in cooperation with government agencies.

Do you think that Kuwait is an encouraging environment for handicrafts entrepreneur?
I can say that the time has changed and the business environment has become more vibrant and dynamic than before. It is easy to do this
in Kuwaiti society. Here are the young people who open cafes, fast food , outlets, industrial and technological projects, and there are also many successful and honourable examples. Now the business environment has become more demanding. We are proud to be the first incubator in the region to support this IDEA .

And what prompted you today to think about setting up a business incubator FOR HANDICRAFT businesses in facing all these challenges?
We have recently noticed that many are talking about the demographic structure, its danger and its impacting our f future, but THE reality, there is no deviation from the structure of the population, the problem is that No one ever think seriously about the craftsmen. The question of who is the executor? and who has the experience to manage the manufacturers?
Therefore, Our Aim Is to create NEW Generation who works with passion and can manage these constructional projects with the support of Kuwaiti government.

How will you contribute in Kuwaitis 2035 vision?
Kuwait 2035 main focus on five subjects and contains 7 pillars , Firms have an incentive to invest if they know that infrastructure is available and of good quality , creative human capital there are huge projects coming on the way , We have to be Ready to meet the requirement of the future demands and participate in our country vision .

What is your advice for entrepreneurs and craftsmen?
Understand the work environment and the patience required for the success of the project, that is all I can say, for the definition of entrepreneurship is a process that provides a basis that transfers an idea into a great business through stages of growth. entrepreneurs are earning 50% more than government employees with the same academic degree according to a study by Berkeley Business School.

While interest and talk continue about entrepreneurship, do you think entrepreneurs are facing difficult challenges?
I agree completely that there are difficult challenges, I have therefore come up with practical solutions based on international experiences that support those who want to run the business, such as creating a professional university certified from one of the most elegant and professional industrial universities in Australia, which will start operating in October of this year.

A final word for the readers of the Startups Magazine?
We will soon launch The National Incubator, a huge opportunity for young people to transform their ideas into realistic projects, to participate in various supportive programs in the country and contribute in building their futures with passion and love.
Thank you StartUps for your continued support to entrepreneurs and we wish you all the success.

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