LOSE it or GAIN it!

Lose it or Gain it

Discipline, vitality, and strength, and the most important part is the decision. What do these words mean to you?
Discipline is to do our duty to the fullest regardless of difficulties. Vitality and strength are what we seek to feel the customer every time one of our programs. The decision must be confidently and most importantly is the work that follows the decision.

What inspired you to establish your own business, your FitnessCenter?
Captain Abdullah Abu Al-Qasim founded a private sports studio in his house and the call was confined to the close associates only. After having practiced this type of modern sport for at least 8 years.
In the same private studio, Captain Abdullah Abu Al-Qasim trained Captain Mohammad Dashti to receive a training certificate from the United States of America (USA). Abdullah became one of the close circle of the creator of the commercial home exercise regimen and the famous American personal
trainer Tony Horton. Abdullah after discovering his ability to positively influence people’s lives and change their health culture, he leased a small area of a gym and the number of participants was small enough to fit the space.
A good trainer, a place, and a team brought everyone together and inspired to establish a gym is their absolute belief in the ability of the
modern sport to change the healthy lifestyle and the impact of this type of sport on the person’s health and social aspects.

When did you establish the Fitness Center?
In May 2017

What was your former training/ work you did before opening the gym?
Each of us has his own job. The training is limited to Captain Abdullah Abu
Al-Qasim and Captain Mohammad Dashti.

Did you have the necessary experience to train and the management skills to operate a Fitness Center?
We acquired many certificates in modern sports programs from our mother company and these certificates were challenging to acquire, and we proceeded from training in a private studio, and then from leasing a
personal space to owning the center.

What were the difficulties or the pressures you faced when setting up the project?
We will not call it difficulties or pressure, but challenges and some were hard. However, the common trait we had as partners is the love of the challenges and the taste of success upon overcoming the difficulty.

How did you establish your Fitness center? Have you done any kind of research before? For example, financial or geographic research to help you choose a place or other type of research. If possible, could you share details?
Certainly, as with any new businesses, we have conducted our own financial studies and we set up frequent meetings to develop plans, strategies and we division of task among all outfit the skill of each person.

From your point of view, what makes you different from others? There are many fitness centers in Kuwait. What makes you special?
We are renowned by the fact that the entire project is ran by a national staff and that we have gained the confidence of our subscribers that we are always on their side to reach their desired goals.
The most important thing in all of this is our faith in what we offer and in the result for the person who looks for a change in his/her both life style and health style. We have an expansion plan where we hire people who have achieved remarkable results from our program and whom had significant changes to be a prove for anyone who follows his dream in our center.

Is owning and operating a gym more difficult than you imagined? Explain.
Certainly after the work on the project and transforming it from an idea to an existing work, we faced a large number of difficulties, but we always find solutions at the end so we gain experience from these challenges and
this is something that adds special fun to the project.

Do you think that in Kuwait we have sufficient awareness of the importance of physical sports?
Regarding our experience, we can assert that many in Kuwait have sufficient awareness and desire for a healthier life.

What is the most pleasant thing in your work?
The positive feedback from the participants, esteeming their self-satisfaction, noting their positive change, and their full faith in what we

Tell us about some of your achievements?
• The Lose&Gain Fitness center is aware that it has duties to community orientation so it usually organizes free activities to spread the health culture in Kuwait’s community that includes all categories and ages.
• Free training courses for public school students to educate the younger generation about the dangers of obesity.
• Free training sessions in one of the commercial centers in the month of Ramadan for those wishing to change to healthy lifestyle.
• Organizing”the liberation challenge” under the patronage of the Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry to recall the great effort that the community has made to resist the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait.
• Participation in”reset” trip to Thailand, with the participation of many sports and nutrition specialists.

How can team spirit contribute to SME success?
One of the most important things for the success of any project is the belief of the absolute team in the work they do, and to unit their dream and faith for the sake of the project and its success.

What is the most difficult lesson you learned through your project?
When you are honest with yourself and people will achieve the success of your pleasure.

What advice do you offer today, for someone thinking of starting up a new business?
Excellence and uniqueness of the idea, having faith in it, and to select a team who shares the same dream.

What plans do you have for your fitness center?
We have many plans ruled by the factor of time, we also have many surprises but now we want to expand so that we could open the chances for anyone who wants to join the fitness center and benefit from it.

Abdullah Abu Al-Qasim your wife shares your passion in sport in a supportive way. How does this affect the creation of your project?
One of the most important factors of success is to surround yourself with people who share the same passion as you, the fact that your partner share the same interest is a great advantage.
My wife Mariam Dashti is one of the keys to my success and the biggest supporter; I cannot see the success I have achieved without her constant support for me.

A final word for the readers of the StartUp platform?
I thank StartUp magazine for giving us the opportunity to share our story and we hope the next success story is from one of you.

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